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With many years of proven success, Now It can be yours.
Martial arts,Yoga, Pirates, Dance influenced.
Awakening transforms SEITAI technic into its movement

Approaching the muscle memories..
If You change your body habit, It can change YOU.
Efficient flow and Philosophy from the East. Awakening gives you the best of you.

Awaken your Mind, Body and Soul to the highest level
as you can be at any age.

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Yuko Sumida Jackson

Be beyond the physique. Alignment opens the possibility. 動・静・和

  • Yuko Sumida Jackson Biography


    Born and raised in Kumamoto Japan.

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  • A-wakening


    Books and DVDs Published.

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  • Jackson Dance/Casual Shoes


    Casual/Spin Spikes Shoes/Balance Sandal

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Dance with Michael and Awakening Workshops in 2018!

    2018年1月7日 日曜日 * AWAKENING 60min  2:10pm 〜 3:10pm         Cardio Floor exercise and Awakening Flow Core. 酸素をたくさん体内に取り入れ、老廃物や脂肪を燃焼。年末年始でスローダウンした代謝を速攻アップ。動きながら行う骨格矯正で激しくそして優しく、60分 アウェークニングワ…

Awakening WS in Tokyo Dec.2017

12月8日 金曜日 Dec.8 ,2017 開催! Awakening Workshop “Breath” All Levels 動、静の中で呼吸を深め内なる自分を再確認そして覚醒へ 場所 バイオウェルネス スタジオ(表参道) お問合せ、ご予約はこちらの ご予約またお問合せメールまで ご参加者フルネーム、お電話番号を明記また こちらからの…

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