Martial arts,Yoga, Pirates, Dance influenced. Awakening transforms SEITAI technique into its movement.

Awakening consists with 3 different section and flows…


動 Beat Core

Cardiovascular movements from Martial arts style and Dance.  Strengthening,stretching,aligning and self-adjusting movements with fast pitched music.

静 Flow Core

Yoga, Pirates and Seitai based movements.Focused on all joints. Improving the alignment and balances by Shinchouryoku. 


和 Vital Relaxation

Total Relaxation. Datsuryoku. Light Adjustments given by the instructor.



Yuko had suffered many injuries she had to work through. She learned how to heal herself and prevent future injuries.She Included and modified Eastern studies and treatments into her movements. She decided that this was valuable information that she wanted to share with
others which led her to develop AWAKENING.


AWAKENING helps not only to improve performance but also is a great way to shape the body. Awakening exercise was first introduced in 2002 as a Conditioning Training Method at one of the biggest Theatrical Companies in Japan (Shiki Theatre Company). AWAKENING was and is until today their conditioning program.


AWAKENING has been introduced and taught to amateur and pro athletes , entertainers and people of all levels and all ages. Workshops are held nationally and Internationally .




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