*”Started taking Awakening to prepare my Master’s swimming competition. I was able to improve my own time record. I’ve been taking Awakening lessons for almost a year now.”
(female, 59yrs old.)


*”I am a professional Dancer. After suffering many injuries on my back,ankle,knee…I was thinking of quiting. Not only did awakening heal my injuries, now I incredibly increased my energy and stamina level and I am in the best shape I’ve ever been.Awakening is a great conditioning method for Dancers like me or people who are looking to better themselves.”
(female, 42yrs old)


*”I’ve never experienced anything like the feeling after I finish the Awakening exercise.”
(Male,38yrs old.)


*”It brings out the best of me each time. Awakening is the best way to communicate with your body, mind and spirit.”
(male, 33yrs old.)


*”I am happy to have discovered this method at this age. I don’t think I’ll be afraid of Aging. I’m Learning so much about myself and my own body.”
(female, 20yrs old.)


*”Not only I lost weight, but My body line and posture changed. I have been asked by friends,what I have done to change myself. I confirmed the fact that we have a power to change ourselves at any age. I’ll never give up on myself.”
(female, 40yrs.)


*”Since I was a teenager, I suffered very bad menstrual cramps and had to stay in bed sometimes. Amazingly Awakening fixed my routine. I am more open to try different things I want to do with my self confidence.”
(female, 28yrs.)



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